Laurie E. Notch, MFA

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In 2007, I worked with a small film crew from a local college in Southern Maine to produce a movie concept trailer for a contest in LA, which prompted a Hollywood production company to make a 5-picture deal! I managed to open my own studio, which attracted prominent producers from Disney, Animal Planet, and National Geographic to come through the studio office.

The studio and deals were halted during the 2008 financial collapse.

I received my MFA in Creative Writing at the University in Southern Maine and her MA in Applied Anthropology at American University. My published works include my historical fiction novel The Spoiler (2007) and an anthology of horror shorts. I have also served as a cultural consultant for The Lonely Planet Guidebooks: Korea (1998) and a venue script writer for the 1988 Seoul Olympics.

Now, in 2021, I am working with professional writers and producers interested in making my novel “The Spoiler” film-worthy.

Laurie E. Notch Publications

Media Contributions

I have been involved in multiple forms of media, including publishing and film. I have published books and successfully ran my own magazines in the creative niche. My film contributions come in both credited and uncredited rolls, from a writer to assisting producers on set.

Filmography – Writer

*Project Z: History of the Zombie Apocalypse
*Spanking Tinkerbell
*Cube Ghouls – The Corporate Zombies
*Strange Attractors
*Buzz Kill
*Cisco Medianet: Application Performance Monitoring with NetFlow
*Cisco Live London 2012: NetFlow Music Video
*Pooper Scooper – An Urban Ghost Tale

Filmography – Producer

*Spanking Tinkerbell
*Cube Ghouls – The Corporate Zombies
*Weather Fare
*Strange Attractors
*Ghost Quest
*Go Take a Hike
*Ghosts in Portland, Maine

Filmography – Special Thanks

Publishing – Magazines

*Paranormal Magazine
*IdeaGems Magazine
*Tough Lit
*Adventures for the Average Woman
*Hell’s Half Acre: Horror Stories from Maine

Publishing – Novels


*The Adventures of Teenie
*Twisted Tales of Maine – 4 film pack

Theater – Playwright

*Death’s a Bitch and Then You Haunt
*Cyclops v. Odysseus

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Phone: (207) 450-9291